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The Eco Page is dedicated to helping you learn more about your impact, and how to reduce it. Below are some recent blog posts you might enjoy.

The Eco-Page

A place where photography, sustainable living and nature come together.

“The Earth is what we all have in common”Wendell Berry


My name is Leah Cox. I am a naturalist, I like to travel, live sustainably and I love to photograph beautiful places and happy people. Here you will find my endless ramblings in the form of blog entries, my portfolio of photography and some tips and tricks to living an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Relax, grab a hot drink and stay a while…


My posts will contain themes such as nature, eco-friendly living, travel and self-care. There is a little something for everyone, wherever you are on your journey.


My portfolio is filled with shots inspired by mother nature herself, showcasing my beautiful home: Northern Ireland, and other countries I’ve visited on my travels.

Sustainable Living

Ever since I was small, I have been awestruck by the wonders of nature and our planet. I currently study Wildlife Conservation and Ecology at university, giving myself the educational tools to go forth and hopefully… help save the planet!

Living as sustainably and ethically as possible, goes hand in hand with conservation and the preservation of our planet and its resources. Therefore, there is a “sustainable living” section where I will provide links to some amazing eco-friendly products and influencers, some of which I am an affiliate of, offering discounts on certain products!

I am by no means an expert on eco-friendly living, and have only just begun my attempt at a zero waste existence. However, I feel sharing my knowledge with others can only be a huge step in the right direction to cleaner oceans, increased biodiversity and a greener planet. For us, and for our future.

Much love, Leah x

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