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We are pleased to offer you and our law firm the following revolving fund agreement: Revolving funds can be particularly valuable for non-profit organizations because they bring significant benefits to the donor and to the benefits of public benefit. Often, a not-for-profit organization must advertise a program, hire staff, extend invitations or sign contracts long before increasing donations or receiving revenue from the program that covers costs. In such cases, a revolving fund allows the non-profit organization to engage at an early stage on programs to ensure professional delivery and program success. The non-profit organization can then work to generate income, donations or any other support that the money spent will repay. Such a revolving fund offers several benefits to the donor. The donor`s commitment is limited and the gift can only be limited for the purpose of supporting the program or programs for which it is intended. At the same time, funds committed to a revolving fund can be multiplied because the non-profit organization collects the money they may have taken from the fund. The non-profit organization will have a strong incentive to repay the money to the revolving fund in order to continue to enjoy the benefits of the revolving fund in the years to come. 4.

Revolvierende Reconstruction Fund: you will receive a request to replenish the Fund if the amount of the Fund is already very low and the costs expected; Within the federal and federal states, the law establishes renewable funds. Revolving funds created for specific activities create a base of origin for the financing of goods or services provided by an organization or a public body. Renewable resources must be reloaded by royalties for these goods or services. Another example would be a revolving fund created to support programs that require a long-term planning commitment well in advance of the non-profit organization`s fundraising cycle. By accessing the revolving fund money, the non-profit organization can engage in the project, including signing contracts or awarding invitations, knowing that funds from the revolving fund are available. Because the project is funded by donations or revenue, the funds can be donated to the revolving fund. This will ensure that the Future Programming Fund is made available. A revolving fund is a fund or account available to finance the day-to-day activities of an organization, without limitation of the fiscal year, because the organization rebuilds the fund by backfilling the money used by the account. Renewable funds have been used to support public and public actions. 5. Liquidation: You will receive a summary of expenses calculated on the revolving fund for each quarter of the year or at your request.

The fund is also liquidated at any time on request. A surplus of the Fund after the end of this contract will be refunded. There are several situations where such means would be particularly useful. Funding sources for conservation projects for historic monuments would be an example. A non-profit conservation organization would create a fund to obtain donations and other capital used by the organization to purchase risky real estate, which is then resold with facilities. Some organizations also provide loans for the renovation of buildings, which will then replenish the revolving funds, since these loans are repaid. The Providence Revolving Fund is one of the largest local renewable funds in the United States. In the case of renewable resources for a government project with an annual budget, parliamentary or otherwise, legislative for a fiscal year, the underutilized balance may expire after the end of the fiscal year. However, it will be reinstated next year, provided that the relevant Agency incorporates the amount into next year`s appropriations. 2. Purpose and coverage: The revolving fund serves as a trust account managed by our firm and used exclusively as a source of funds to cover all expenses that are incurred in all cases and the cases that are involved v

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