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The Eco Page is dedicated to helping you learn more about your impact, and how to reduce it. Below are some recent blog posts you might enjoy.


The first organic bamboo plasters in the UK! These are crafted from 100% organic bamboo fibre and gauze, enriched with aloe vera extract! These plasters not only cut out unnecessary plastic, but help sooth burns, and minor abrasions!

Biork deodorant stick contains a naturally antibacterial potassium crystal, slowing down the production of bacteria creating less odour! The deodorant contains zero plastic waste as the container is made from cork! Cork is extremely renewable and its production helps with the continued protection of the biodiversity of Portugal.

Beautiful reusable menstrual pads from Honour your flow. These pads are made with organic cotton and wool that is USA produced GOTS certified organic. Reusable pads are fantastic! Lasting up to 5 years, these amazing products can not only save you money, they are natural and safe for your body, and cut down on so much unnecessary plastic waste.

Mouthwash tablets from Georganics, use essential oils to maintain healthy teeth gums due to their natural properties. Simply place a tab into a cup of water and rinse like regular mouthwash. These are stored in a small glass jar, meaning they are plastic free and easily stored!

Bamboo toothbrush provided by Authentic house UK, made by ‘Brush with bamboo’. The handle is made from wild, Chinese Moso bamboo which grows on mountains with no need for pesticides or even water other than rain.┬áThe bristles are made of 62% castor bean oil, 38% plastic. This means they don’t biodegrade, but are the best available solution at the moment.At the end of the toothbrush’s life, remove the bristles from the head with pliers. The head can be composted or used as a garden marker.

This gorgeous shaving kit includes a wooden handled razor, with 5x replacement blades and a vegan soap bar. This is 100% plastic free, recyclable, cruelty free and a great alternative to regular plastic razors.

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