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Following the scientific review, the workshop was held in the Biaowiea Forest, where experts and moderators discussed at length the results of the review: points of convergence and disagreements and gaps in knowledge. It was a great experience, because all the rules and arguments agreed in terms of emotions and suspicion between the scientists lost their importance during the process. In the next step, the scientists involved made a considerable effort to complete the multi-author evidence document through a series of loops and feedback sessions. Each sentence and statement was agreed upon by all and some parties were exchanged for several weeks. Poland and Belarus signed a cross-border water cooperation agreement in Bialowieza, western Poland, on Friday, under which the two countries will exchange information and cooperate in fire and flood management, according to Polish Waters. She added that the agreement includes various projects related to water protection and rational water management, as well as environmental aspects of water quality maintenance, including water and wastewater management. The World Heritage Centre, in collaboration with the Council of Europe, has received a field report prepared as part of the process of assessing the renovation of the site for the European diploma carried out in the summer of 2006. The report calls on the Polish government to stop the continued logging of old growth forests and the transformation of remains into commercial plantations in the Bialowieza forest. It notes that a sharp decline in species dependent on old growth and stationary dead wood has already been documented. He also points out that both the EU and European governments are invited to help make the Bialowieza forest a model for successful implementation of nature protection and the development of local communities. The report calls into question the renewal of the European diploma for the two national parks of this cross-border world cultural heritage. A decision is expected by the end of 2007.

Finally, it calls for the ratification, before the end of 2008, of a bilateral conservation agreement between the Polish and Belarusian ministries, which confirms the principles and budgetary means of cross-border cooperation between the national parks of Bialowieza and beloveskaya Pushcha, on the basis of research, management, tourism and education priorities, on the basis of sustainable forestry and taking into account the recommendations of the World Heritage Committee.

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