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A list of exceptional people making a difference.


Sedona Christina

Youtube and podcast creator

Sedona Christina is a 25 year old sustainable living advocate from Canada. Her Youtube videos cover a range of topics, including veganism, sustainable DIY hair and skin recipes, self care, thrifting and tips/tricks on living sustainably. Her podcast “Into Intentional” is also “eco-based” covering everything zero-waste, whilst having guest speakers discuss a variety of topics.

Alice Ojeda

Creator of “Authentic House UK”

Alice and her team create beautiful eco-friendly subscription boxes, filled with great sustainable and ethical products. Each month focuses on a different theme and each box can be personalised by you, to include products you’re excited about trying!

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Vicky Sherrard

Creator of “honour your flow”

Vicky Sherrard created “Honour your flow” in 2009 after living in a sustainable “eco-community” and started realising how much better reusable pads are for the environment. After having a go at making her own, she was hooked and began selling them. Her small, but mighty female team help sew, cut and dye fabrics to create wonderful reusable pads. HYF offers pads in all shapes, sizes and colours, ensuring every woman can find what she is looking for.

Lauren Singer

Creator of “Plastic free shop”

Lauren Singer or the “zero-waste queen” is famously known for only producing only one small glass jar of waste over an 8 year period. She owns her own zero-waste product company, is a huge online influencer and educates others on the beauty of living ethically.

Kathryn Kellogg

Author of “101 Ways to Go Zero-Waste”

With a huge online presence and a following of 121k on instagram, Kathryn Kellogg is a positive eco-friendly influencer. Not only is she the author of her own eco-friendly book, she is National Geographic’ spokesperson for plastic-free living.

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