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Whats the problem?

Many of us, myself included had probably never thought about the plastic produced each month during our cycles! Pads are made up of 90% plastic, and tampons; 6%. Both these single use products are included in the 4.3 billion disposable menstrual products used in the UK annually!

It’s been found that 6.2% of beach litter is made up of flushed items, resulting in 7,000 panty liners, 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million pads are flushed down the toilet EVERY DAY in the UK. This not only blocks water ways but can escape into our rivers, streams and oceans.

Once in the oceans its estimated that flushed plastic kills around a million sea birds and over 100,000 marine mammals annually.


Do not fear! There are plenty of reusable alternatives that not only save you money, and the planet, but are much healthier for your body! From menstrual cups to reusable pads and tampons, there are so many new and exciting options, allowing every woman to find a plastic-free alternative that works for them.

Many reusable menstrual product companies such as “Honour your flow”, “TOTM” and “THINX” are:




Cruelty free



Disposables Reusables
Disposable pads are only used once, meaning they are discarded immediately after use. Most women go through 11,000 pads in their lifetime. Reusable pads (with the right TLC) can last up to 5 years! They can be washed after each use, extending their lives as a reusable product.
Tampons again are single use, and contain harmful ingredients which can result in health problems like toxic shock if left in for too long. Eco-friendly tampons are usually single use, but are mostly made from organic cotton and come in recyclable cardboard packaging, meaning they’re 100% earth-friendly!
Panty liners (much like pads) are single use and are used much more frequently than normal pads. These can also contain toxic materials. Menstrual cups are fabulous and can be used for up to 10 years according to some eco-companies! They are also made from materials which are either compostable or recyclable.

How do you have a zero waste period?

Try the Menstrual waste calculator by INTIMA!

Youtube channel “Precious Stars Pads”

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