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San Diego Unified School District Project Stabilization Agreement

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The press conference will take place at the Woodshop Building at Hoover High School, which was the first proposed Proposed-S project under PSA`s purely union conditions. The project had to be proposed twice. Only five bidders bid the first time, and the weak bidder from Stanton, California, exceeded the district`s budget by 35%. All offers were rejected and the borough again rejected the same project. This time, there were only four bidders, and the low bid was about 26% above budget. A similar project was proposed at about the same time by another school district, which does not require union PPE for its projects. 17 commandments were received, and the low supply was about 25% below budget. It will be interesting to see how local lab leaders and school district officials, committed to special interests, try to run these numbers at today`s press conference, where public servants were expected to participate in the deceptive manipulation of taxpayers to support their pro-PLA anti-competitive agenda. (The press conference was scheduled before the publication of these harmful documents. A consultant was expected to submit a report in support of the SDUSD PLA Directive.) Opposition to government-mandated LPOs for the $2.1 billion borrowing measure to finance SDUSD projects, Proposition S, has been repeatedly covered on the Small businesses: The agreement provides for the promotion and support of local small businesses so that they can participate in the project`s work. Scott Crosby, CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors, San Diego Chapter, noted that “the District has also spent several hundred thousand dollars on MANAGING PSA.

These include additional staff to manage the numerous complaints and legal disputes concerning purely PSA projects, to pay consultants for seminars to explain the complexity of psa`s availability in the sector, and to commercialize tendering opportunities for contractors located in southwest areas. These costs were borne by the fact that local contractors showed little interest in tendering for EPI projects. In November, San Diegans adopted Proposition S, a $2.1 billion loan measure for green repairs and renovations to our municipal schools. This is one of the most important stimulus measures for the region. The SDUSD Construction Careers Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) creates an obligation to account for the use of taxpayers` money. For projects worth more than $1 million, it assures: in 2009, the SDUSD quietly launched the policy of mandate of PLA, adopted on 26 May by 3 votes to 2.

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