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What are these little wonders?

Soap berries or soap nuts, are small fruits produced by the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. These trees are native to Nepal and India, being harvested from September to February resulting in an extremely long and sustainable supply.

When agitated in warm water the berries produce a natural cleaning agent called saponin. When used in laundry they don’t lather up like the regular laundry detergent we’re used to. However, big bubbly washes are a sensory trick used by manufacturers to make us think our clothes are being cleaned better. Despite not creating large foaming bubbles, soap berries are completely capable of naturally washing our clothes. For tough stains, it is advised to treat them prior to washing (just like regular washes).

Saponin is also PH balanced, hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin, so is perfect for those who suffer when using strong scented detergents.

Not only are soap berries environmentally friendly, they’re economical too. A 1kg bag can last up to 400 washes!


Other uses

Soap berries have been used for centuries, making a fantastic alternative to modern detergents and softeners. But these great little berries have other uses around the home that might surprise you! See some below!

Surface cleaner
Hand wash
Floor cleaner
Body wash
Dish soap

Useful videos

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